SECUREDATA – SecureCard™


RFID Credit Card Wallet Protection Card

Protect Your Identity with SecureCard® RFID Blocking Wallet Card which Blocks RFID Card(s) while in your existing credit card holder, wallets, case, or sleeve.

  • In-Lab Tested & Audited (NTS Certificate #: PR053811-ACT1005612)
  • Any credit cards within its 10mm e-field are made invisible to a reader
  • Fits in any wallet or money clip
  • Will last 3-6 years
  • Doesn’t require batteries
  • Simply carry this card in your wallet and money clip and all cards within range of its efield will be protected.

SECUREDATA – SecureCard™ 微晶片 RFID 白噪干擾防讀取保護卡

SecureCard™ 微晶片 RFID 白噪干擾防讀取保護卡

● 美國最大檢驗機構 NTS 認證
● 內置微晶片,偵測 RFID 掃瞄並製造白噪音遮罩您的資料
● 配備射頻封阻元件,阻擋訊號存取
● 適用於所有RFID/NFC 智能卡:身份證/信用卡/八達通/職員證等,免遭黑客盜取金錢及個人資料
● 一張SecureCard™可保護最多 6張智能卡
● 標準信用卡尺寸
● 無需更換您心愛的錢包
● 貼心設計 無憂於拔卡插套之不便或遺失





Simply Set The Card and Forget The Card.

SecureCard provides the best protection of your credit, debit, and other RFID-enabled smart cards from crowd hacking, the wireless theft of your credit and debit cards and your personal information.

RFID-Blocking Technology

SecureCard® has been independently tested and passed all manners of RFID-blocking and signal-protection tests. SecureCard® works with your existing wallet, credit card holder, card case, or sleeve by blocking RFID readers from scanning your personal and banking information without your knowledge. Your information will be secure anywhere you go.

Hackers use a scanning device that detects the radio frequency of your cards’ identification chips, enabling them to capture card numbers and other vital details.

By transmitting white noise to those scanning devices and blocking RFID access to your wallet, SecureCard® makes your cards invisible to hackers.

It works for credit cards, debit cards, driver’s licenses, transit cards, identification cards, and more.

Convenient Protection in Your Purse or Wallet

The SecureCard® device measures 3.4 by 2.1 inches, which is the same as a standard credit card. It’s also made of the same plastic material as a credit card and weighs 0.3 ounces. Once placed in your wallet, you won’t even know it’s there. There is no need to buy a larger wallet or other accessories. The SecureCard device is made to last three years or longer and is resistant to water, tears, and punctures, providing a welcome level of durability in a heavily used wallet or purse. The long-term protection will give you peace of mind while traveling, as thieves tend to target tourists who carry RFID-enabled credit cards.

How Does it Work?

A microchip located inside the SecureCard detects RFID scanners and emits white noise to mask your credit, debit, and other smart cards containing RFID chips. The device also has a radio frequency blocking component to provide further protection against hackers. SecureCard does not need batteries; just place it in the outermost area of your wallet or purse behind your cards, and let the microchip do the rest.

The SecureCard is your best defense against Crowd Hacking, making your credit cards, debit cards and personal information invisible to identity thieves and hackers. Our E-Field Technology does not require batteries or charging, lasts five years and fits in any wallet, money clip or phone case designed to hold credit/debit cards.


It’s hard to find a better solution to protecting your personal and banking information against crowd hacking and data skimming, particularly one that conveniently lets you use your favorite wallet or purse while protecting up to six cards at once. There is no need to switch to a bulky wallet or a rigid metal RFID-blocking case. As for protective sleeves, they are only good for holding one card and eventually wear out and fall apart. The water-resistant SecureCard card is durable and won’t tear or puncture. What’s more, if it remains in good condition after five years, the microchip will continue to work.


The SecureCard is designed to be used in a wallet and can not provide protection for cards outside of its protection range. No form of RFID protection is 100% effective in all scenarios so the protection offered by the SecureCard is limited in certain scenarios. We recommend two SecureCard per wallet and in some cases, your wallet may require different positioning of your RFID enabled credit and/or debit cards to provide maximum protection. The SecureCard protection range is six inches or greater.

The SecureCard is intended to be placed between the RFID reader and your smart card. In this position, the SecureCard will help stop unauthorized attempts to steal your personal information. An unauthorized attempt is an attempt made by a party unknown to you and without your permission thus constituting a crime. Any authorized attempt to steal your information does not fall under the protection provided by the SecureCard.


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